Step-By-Step Guide

This is the process you will have to go through to obtain your first vocational (large goods vehicle, passenger carrying vehicle) category. The process is the same for C1, C, D1 and D. To upgrade any licence category to be able to tow a large trailer (giving you category BE, C1E, CE, D1E or DE), only an additional practical driving test is required.



1) Medical


Take a drivers medical examination. You can use any doctor for this, so it is worth obtaining a few quotes as prices do vary. There is a local doctor we recommend, so please give us a call if you would like the contact details.


You need to take form D4 with you for the medical, which you can pick up from the post office, or it can be downloaded by clicking here.


We would suggest starting to study for the theory tests at this point. Click here to access the latest training software for all 3 of the theory tests.



2) Provisional Entitlement


When you've passed your medical, you will need to fill in form D2, which is also available at most post offices, or alternatively you can order the form by clicking here. When filling out the D2 form, we recommend you tick both C and D, as you will then have the provisional for both categories should you ever need it and there is no additional cost to get both at this stage.


Once you have both D4 and D2 forms completed, you need to send both away with your current driving licence to DVLA (address on the form), who will add the provisional entitlement.


Once your licence is returned, if you would like to come and meet us before committing to a course, we can offer a free assessment drive.



3) Theory and Hazard Perception tests (Modules 1a & 1b)


The next stage is to pass the theory tests. These can be taken at your local theory test centre, and you can book them by clicking here, or by calling 0300 200 1122. As previously mentioned, the latest training material can be found here.



4) CPC Case Studies test (Module 2)


If you passed your car test after January 1997, you will need to pass the initial CPC tests to be able to drive commercially. You can book this test in the same way as the other theory tests.


For those who passed their car test before 1997, you now have the option to take the initial tests or complete 35 hours of periodic CPC. We would normally recommend taking the initial tests, but it does depend on your circumstances so it's best to give us a call to discuss your options. Further information on Driver CPC is available here.



5) Practical driver training and test (Module 3)


You can now book your driving course and your practical driving test. Should you choose us as your training provider, this will be with one of our experienced instructors, and the test will be conducted at a DVSA test centre with a Driving Examiner. For further information on our courses, please enquire here.



6) Practical CPC test (Module 4)


For those taking the Initial CPC tests, you now just need to pass the Mod 4 test. This test is taken at the same centre as the driving test. We can include the Mod 4 training and test with the practical driving course as it can be taken before or after, or it can be done separately. Please call to discuss your options.



7) Upgrade to higher category (+E)


Once you have your first vocational licence, you can then upgrade to tow a trailer, (CE, DE etc) For those wishing to add this entitlement there are no more theory tests, just another practical driving course and test.